Our Pricing

On this page we want to explain our pricing. This will not only help us serve you better, but may also give you an idea of what your job might cost. We know that some people just are not ready for an estimate but need an idea price, so they can plan ahead for future projects.

How We Compare

We work hard to offer an affordable cost to our customers. We have the same employees and arborists on every jobsite to make us much more efficient. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service. A cleaner and professional job and the willingness to take on rush jobs and specialty situations.

We charge enough so we don't have to cut corners and can stand behind our work. But we don't charge too much or we would be out of work quickly.

Understanding Removal Pricing

All of our bids are given as a flat price and will not change unless additional tasks are added. Major factors when figuring cost are the following:

  • How long it will take - This is determined by size of tree, and any obstacles also access. Is it next to the driveway in your front yard? Or through the dog run, around the shed and leaning over the house?
  • Level of risk - Is the tree so dead that it is unstable? Or broken and leaning on the house under pressure? Tree work can be very dangerous, and it is our first priority to make sure everyone stays safe.

Tree Services

Single Tree Removal: The average price for a single removal is about $515.00 This includes everything from small trees around $200.00 up to massive trees that could cost several thousand dollars.

Multiple Tree Removal: If one tree costs $200.00 (for example a 10" diameter, 50 ft. tall Douglas Fir), 4 trees of the same size and difficulty should be about $600.00, not $800.00. Multiple trees removed at the same time reduce the average price per tree.

Pruning: Two to three hours of annual pruning is about $400.00 to $600.00. This price would include cleanup.

Brush Clipping: Small brush chipping jobs average $200.00 to $300.00 including hauling chips away. Larger jobs are usually quoted hourly at an average cost of $250.00/hr.

Please remember these are AVERAGE prices. We have to look at the work to give you an actual price.