Our Services

With all of our services you can expect we will perform every job with safe practices, correct safety gear for all employees. From a well trained and experienced team we all work efficiently together making a safer work site. Every employee on our jobsite is always covered by workers comprehensive insurance through Washington state department of labor and industries.

Tree Pruning

With educated pruning techniques our arborists perform everything from routine annual maintenance pruning, to new/old properties that may have been neglected for some time. In most cases we recommend pruning in late dormant season for two reasons, one this is typically proper health time for the tree, two by performing trimming in the dormant season it allows the arborist to visually see the branch structure much easier. You can rely on Gig Harbor Tree Service to properly prune your trees of any shape and size.

Tree Trimming

Trimming for views: When trimming trees for views we are very careful to properly understand needs of the customer. We also always trim in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for the future health of the tree.

Trimming for clearance and safety: There are many reasons why we trim trees, the most important is safety. When limbs become too heavy or diseased it is time to remove them. Every two to three years or after any heavy winds it is recommended to have your trees checked for dead or dangerous limbs. Dead limbs can often fall causing bodily injury or property damages to roofs and decks. Sometimes limbs can grow too big for their own good this causing unneeded stress to the tree, sometimes we can just lighten the limb to a safer size and other times it is necessary to remove the entire limb completely.

Tree Removal

Gig Harbor Tree Service uses advanced rigging techniques in the right situations to ensure no unreasonable risks are taken. Through years of experience this is an area where we strive. We also have much experience in removals with use of a crane. While cranes are not always the right tool for the job there are situations where they are much more efficient, saving the customer money.